There’s no doubt that Central Otago is one of the most visually stunning places in the entire world.

The company was born in 1999 as CE Network, a hobby for Managing Director James Anderson. CE Network was responsible for the development and delivery of, the number one tourism network for Lake Eildon and the surrounding areas. Soon after commencement, CE Network began providing website design and hosting services for a slew of local businesses.

James Anderson then broke into the commercial radio industry, working for Sun FM at Mt. Buller for two seasons before moving to capital city radio as an announcer for Triple M Melbourne and Sydney, as well the host of the nationally syndicated radio show Planet Rock. While at Triple M, James earned the stage name “Turbo”, and hosted such events as the Coca-Cola Live and Local Tour (Sydney Superdome) and the M-One Music Concert (Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium).

After reaching the number one ranking in the ratings in 2006, James opted to leave radio and explore his other love of video production. He took a job in the United States as the Video Manager at the International Olympic Gymnastics Training Centre.

Upon returning to Melbourne in 2008, James changed the name of Cucumber Entertainment Network to Turbo 360, and added video production to the list of services that were provided, revitalising the business and taking the Melbourne video production market by storm.

Now focussing on the South Island of New Zealand with a team of Amazing Video Producers onboard – Otago Films are ready to capture memories to those in the Queenstown and Wanaka region.

James Anderson
Director / Founder

Laura Anderson
Business Development